Other Canker Sore Treatments

There are many treatments available to help with canker sores. Many lessen the pain temporarily, but do not necessarily get rid of the problem.

Cautery agents

Chemicals like silver nitrate, sulfuric acid, and dichloroacetic acid are used in a process called cauterization. The word cauterization comes from the Greek word for “branding iron”.

Cauterization involves using chemicals to burn the canker sore and create a temporary scab to protect the sore from infection. Only a doctor should perform this procedure because improper self-administration of silver nitrate could result in losing mouth parts (like your tongue)!

In fact, doctors are reluctant to even prescribe silver nitrate (distributed on wooden applicators) for fear of an accident or abuse.

The problem with these procedures is the scab that is created from burning the sore has a tendency to fall off in a few hours! Why would you burn your mouth just to form a scab that falls off in your mouth?

Warning on cautery agents

Many products that claim to produce a “liquid bandage” are really cautery agents, check the active ingredients before using them to your sore!

Topical pain killers

There are several products on the market that deal specifically with the pain of a canker sore. These products usually contain some form of benzocaine. While these can substantially soothe the pain of a canker sore, they do not have a pleasant taste, and do not solve the problem. Do you really want to keep a bottle of liquid with you at all times? This kind of pain relief is only temporary! You may wish to use these for pain, but try Canker Free to safely and quickly help rid your mouth of painful canker sores.


Steroids can only be obtained with a doctor’s or dentist’s prescription. Keep the cost of the doctor’s visit and the prescription in mind. One visit to the doctor for canker sore could get very expensive! Furthermore, steroids have many potential negative health side effects, and aren’t always effective.


Antibiotics such as Tetracycline may be prescribed by a doctor to help heal a canker sore. The problem with this is once again cost and effectiveness. A 30 count bottle of Tetracycline can run you around $80.00 if you purchase over the internet. This does not even count the cost of either a doctor’s visit or an online consultation!

Another thing to keep in mind with antibiotics like Tetracycline is safety. An expired bottle of tetracycline can cause severe kidney damage. Furthermore, tetracycline has been found to cause permanent stains and discoloration of teeth in some people!

Treatments that are 100% safe, natural and effective are available. Not to mention that they are also sold at a cost a fraction of the price of tetracycline.

Dietary changes

Typical Canker SoreFirst, this involves seeing if you have any food allergies. This can be done either by having a blood test done or trying an “elimination diet”. Experts say you should avoid the following types of food when possible while a canker sore heals:

  • Citrus Fruits
  • Refined and/or processed foods
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Candy
  • Chewing Gum
  • Some grain foods
  • Some Spicy Foods
  • Acidic beverages like soda
  • Lozenges with sugar

That sounds like a lot “not to swallow” . You can still eat the foods you love and be free from canker!

You can eat the following:

  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Buttermilk
  • Kefir
  • Other foods containing acidophilus

Other canker sore treatments contain Acidophilus, which helps fight bad bacteria in the mouth by replacing it with good bacteria.