A cauterization instrument or a chemical substance is used to sear, burn and destroy the ulcerated tissue and stop the pain caused by mouth ulcer instantly.

Cauterization is also one way of getting rid of mouth sores or mouth ulcers or canker sores.

The cauterization process specifically involves the destruction of the ulcerated tissue mainly to stop the pain caused by the mouth ulcer instantly. During cauterization, a cauterization instrument or a chemical substance is used to sear, burn and destroy the tissue.

Laser cauterization

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This process is considered the best canker sore treatment since it does not cause additional pain to the patient while working very well and is inexpensive. The procedure can be done in a dental clinic and only requires a few minutes to zap the ulcer. The nerve ends are sealed while vaporizing the ulcer to speed up healing which may happen within 24 hours while stopping the pain at that moment. A reddish area is evident after the laser process but this is a sign that a healthy and new tissue is starting to form. Laser cauterization is considered to be safe while achieving less chances of causing an infection.

Chemical cauterization

An example of a chemical substance for chemical cauterization is debacterol which is a topical solution effective in treating mouth sores as well as gum problems. This medication is effective in reducing the healing time of mouth sores to less than a week instead of waiting for the sores to heal by itself in two weeks.

The prescription medicine debacterol contains sulfuric acid and can be availed through your dentist. The swab form drug is applied to the lesion to cauterize it. The effective treatment instantly eliminates the pain caused by the mouth sores since it kills the nerves and allows the same site to scab over. The mouth ulcers heal in a day or two.

Another chemical substance used in the chemical cautery of canker sores is silver nitrate, but this chemical treatment does not show signs of instantly speeding up the healing process. Silver nitrate is more effective in relieving the severe pain caused by the canker sores. It usually generates a sharp sting for several seconds upon application but will heal the sores in two to three days, a little but much longer than debacterol.

Cauterization and other mouth sore treatments such as mouth rinses, topical paste and oral medications may be suggested by a doctor to treat mouth sores when the sores are severely painful, large and persistent.