Nutritional Supplements for Mouth Sores

Nutritional supplements for mouth sores are not considered treatment but as a preventive measure for having canker sores, mouth ulcers or apthous ulcers.

Nutritional supplements for mouth sores are not considered treatment but as a prevention for having canker sores,  mouth ulcers or aphthous ulcers.

Mouth sores or canker sores are very painful sores that develop inside our mouth, at the inner side of the lips, on your tongue as well as on your cheeks. The sores can bring great pain and discomfort enough for you to curse it and wonder how to prevent having these sores. The risk of reducing mouth sores can depend on the kind of nutrition your are having since poor nutrition can lead to the development of mouth sores.

Vitamin B12

A deficiency in vitamin B12 may contribute to the development of mouth or canker sores. You can accumulate vitamin B12 in your body by eating milk and milk products, poultry, eggs, meat and fish. Vegetarians are at risk of having a deficiency in vitamin B12 and also are at risk of developing mouth sores. This problem can be offset by including cheese, cereals and egg whites in their diet without taking in meat. Vitamin B12 shot supplements may also be prescribed by your doctor when you are found to be vitamin B12 deficient.


A deficiency in zinc in your body has also been traced in the development of mouth sores. Zinc can be obtained from meat, liver, eggs, seafood and whole grain products.

Folic acid

The absence of folate or significant amounts of folic acid will also make you susceptible to mouth sores. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits, liver as well as foods containing yeast are good sources of folic acid.


Iron Foods
Eat natural sources of iron to avoid canker sores.

Iron is also one of the many nutritional supplements you need so as to reduce your risk of having mouth sores since low iron levels are associated with canker sores. Iron in your body is increased by consuming dark green leafy vegetables, red meat, eggs, legumes, and whole grains. Over-the-counter iron supplements may be recommended by your doctor.